Thursday, December 10, 2009

3 Free Tools to clean your Computers

Most of the time, my co-workers or my family members come to me calling for help to save their computers/laptops from Virus.

I would have cleaned Kamal's (my wife) laptop several times. Every time I give her a new desktop or laptop she will manage to get new virus within weeks. Finally, I gave up on the cleaning job and got IMac which has kept her away from bothering me :-)

She still uses a laptop which has windows-7 that has been pretty good until now !!!(touch-wood).Ofcourse, I have installed Avast!, a free version of antivirus.

I am pretty sure that there would be quite a few people who might need similar help. Thanks to Kamal!!, who has helped me to find various ways to clean the virus. Among them, I would like to share 3 effective steps to clean the virus.

Step 1: IOBit

IOBit will clean all your registry,cookies and Temporary files.If you want you can also de-fragment. The download is free. To download and install, click on

Step 2: Avast!
Now, run Avast! full scan on your system and set the protection level on high.It will find the most obvious ones and do a pretty decent clean. It might take couple of hours depending on the number of files you have, but just remember to run a full scan. You can download Avast! for free:

Step 3: Bitdefender
Now, run Bitfinder full scan. It will ask you to install Active-X control. After installing it, start the scan from the browser. The scanning will take atleast 5-6 hours depending on the number of files you have. You can download for free -

These 3 steps has helped me most of the time to clean the virus.If you think that the virus is not yet cleaned then try doing a Full Restore on your desktop/laptop. The only problem with full restore is that you will loose all your data.So, I would suggest you to take a back-up before restoring the system.

Hope this helps you!! Please do write to me about your comments.

I shall write about how to restore your desktop/laptop in my next article.

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